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Introduction to Sea Skills 
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Paddle South Australia 
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West Lakes SA 

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Canoe SA 
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Ian Heard 
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David Heard 
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Ian Heard 
Recreational - Sea Kayaking,  
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Sea Kayaking

Introductory Skills

A three day course covering:
• Boats and equipment
• Efcient paddle strokes
• Weather and navigation
• On-water safety: rescues and towing.
Venues will vary according to conditions and
intended session outcomes.

Dates: October 14, 21 and 28

Day 1 to be held at Paddle SA, Bower Rd, WEST LAKES. (9am to 5.00pm)

Introduction to course and equipment for sea kayaking, basic paddle skills, rescue skills, Interpret weather
forecasts, Navigation, Waves, Currents and Tides.

Day 2 Location TBA, (9.00 to 4.00pm)
Continue with on-water skills including, review skills from session 1, paddle-float re-entry, assisted rescues,
towing, communication and equipment.
Plan a trip and Environment impact.

Day 3 Location: Victor Harbor (weather permitting)
Review skills, surf launching and landing, participate in a 1/2 day journey, on-water navigation skills.

The course is a component of the Australian Canoeing Award Scheme. As the name implies the course is an introduction to the skills needed to safely undertake sea kayaking paddles along the coast in favourable conditions.

Specifically the course has the following outcomes.
Holders of the Introduction to Sea Skills Award have demonstrated the ability to plan and conduct activities in sea
kayaks with the guidance of qualified personnel (Sea Instructors, Sea Guides or Sea Leaders) in coastal
conditions defined as:
• Estuaries, embayments and areas enclosed or partially enclosed by fringing reef or islands
• Areas of exposed coastline that are simple, not involving overfalls, tidal races, difficult landings or open
• Distances of up to two nautical miles offshore
• Light to Moderate conditions (11–16 knots) as defined by the Beaufort Scale and used by the Bureau of

Skill component
Demonstrate sea kayak skills at sea in light to moderate conditions:
Preparation of craft and equipment
Launch and land in surf to 0.5 metre
Paddle the craft efficiently in moderate (to 16kn) conditions at sea:
– forwards, backwards, sideways and turning
– use correct forward, reverse, draw and sweep strokes
– use safe, effective support strokes, using both blade faces, in surf to 0.5 metre
Competently participate in rescues as rescuee and rescuer
Competently accept a tow
Form into and disperse from a raft
Secure craft for transport, secure equipment to craft.

Knowledge component
Demonstrate knowledge of:
The advantages and limitations of sea kayaks
Select appropriate equipment and clothing with consideration of sun sense and hypothermia
Plan and navigate a coastal sea kayaking activity
Store, operate and maintain appropriate safety and communication equipment
Interpret weather for a marine environment


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