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DECD Kayak Training Week 
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Paddle South Australia 
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Port Augusta, Port Vincent, Victor Harbor, Port Noarlunga 

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Stephen Carter 
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Paddle SA 
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ACAS Flatwater Skills Award 

Award definition

Holders of the Flatwater Skills Award have demonstrated that they can competently paddle a kayak and/or canoe during a trip, as part of a group of peers, on flat, sheltered, undemanding water. This Award, or equivalent skills and knowledge, is a pre-requisite to becoming a Flatwater Guide or Instructor.


Senior First Aid, Working With Children Check, Background Check, Play By The Rules.


Skill Component

·         Demonstrate the ability to control a craft in moderate conditions on flat, sheltered water.

·         Launch and land efficiently

·         Paddle the craft efficiently in moderate winds:

·         forwards, backwards, sideways and turning

·         using correct forward, reverse, draw and sweep strokes

·         Show efficient use of low supports

·         Capsize and swim craft ashore

·         Competently participate in simple rescues as rescue and rescuer

·         Competently accept a tow.

Knowledge Component

·         Demonstrate the ability to plan and navigate a 3-hour flatwater paddle

·         Store, operate and maintain appropriate safety equipment

·         Select appropriate equipment and clothing with consideration of sun sense and hypothermia

·         Navigate a 3-hour flatwater paddle

·         Interpret weather for a flatwater environment.

Experience Component

Produce a verifiable log showing at least six trips of a minimum of three hours duration.

Communication Component

Demonstrate the ability to maintain effective communication with a group.



Please note: Flatwater Skills is pre-requisite for Flatwater Lifeguard.

Award Definition

Holders of the Flatwater Lifeguard Award are qualified to manage a paddling activity in enclosed situations, performing rescues as required, where the group under supervision can be seen from a single vantage point at any time and does not leave the immediate launch area

Flatwater Lifeguard Course Format

The course will include both on-water practical and off-water theory components.

Please come prepared for paddling. That means ensuring sufficient warm clothing to change into after on-water sessions.

The course format is subject to change (due to changing weather conditions or at the discretion of course staff).

The course content will include:

·         Hazard identification & risk assessment of an enclosed area paddling session

·         Planning a  paddling session (enclosed area)

·         Instruction & training methodologies

·         Communication and leadership

·         Environmental impact

·         Flatwater paddling skills

At the commencement of the course you will be provided with:

·         Australian Canoeing Award Scheme Flatwater Lifeguard resources booklet (or e-copy)

·         Information about the assessment process.

You will be provided with relevant industry information during the course.

For those who do not meet the pre-requisite experience requirements, the course will serve as an experience towards assessment at a later date. Assessment of the practical components of the course can be conducted at a later date by negotiation with the Canoe SA office or an appropriate assessor (costs may apply). Please contact Canoe SA (sa@canoe.org.au).

As candidates may commence the course with different skill levels, assessments for Australian Canoeing Awards will be discussed with participants throughout the course. It is important that you bring the following documents with you to the course to ensure the most streamlined pathway to final assessment. Please contact the Canoe SA office if there are any questions.

Documents required for assessment (electronic copies only please):

·         Senior First Aid Certificate

·         Logbook / summary of paddling experience that meets the requirements of award being assessed

·         Any relevant qualifications (such as teaching certificates, AustSwim, AYF) and existing statements of attainment

·         Completed Assessment Project for ACAS award being sought.

N.B. The course registration fee does not include fees for assessment or fee for registration of the Flatwater Lifeguard Awards.

As the course contains some assessment components, it is important that you come prepared and with the correct clothing and equipment.




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